Woodworking and Cabinetry for Distinctive Home Design

Proud of our reputation for distinctive and highest quality custom woodworking for residential clients, Greenwood works with your vision in custom cabinet and furniture designs. You are not limited by either current trends or traditional uniformity. Create your own look with unique designs or follow the architectural integrity of your home. Greenwood Furniture and Cabinetry gives your interiors individuality and quality with:

Get Involved with Your Design: Give Greenwood Your Feedback

With Greenwood Furniture and Cabinetry you are part of the process. Our designers – from custom furniture to cabinet refacing – begin with concept drawings and meet with you for your feedback. We do not begin work until we both agree on any alterations and the best design. Plus, you can depend on us to guide you to the best use of space and design features that guarantee your installation is structurally sound for years of enjoyment.

Style, Quality and Function from Concept to Completion

GFC designs and builds pieces of custom furniture that you can’t find in retail outlets. Remember: A great product with the right finish is worth the investment.

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